Electrostatic removal of colloidal, soluble, and insoluble materials from a fluid

US Publication Number: CA 2920294 A1

A filter that contains an adsorbent to remove the soluble portion of the contaminant, and then some form of electrostatic attraction additive. The electrostatic attraction additive would serve to pull the colloidal and particulate portion of the contaminant out of fluid, which could be held indefinitely, or be used to hold while the contaminant is allowed to solubilize and then be removed by the adsorbent. The electrostatic attraction additive could either be positively or negatively charged depending on the surface charge of the particulates that are in the fluid, and includes particles or fibers charged with charged polymers, zeolites, cation or anion exchange resin, powdered alumina, or nano-alumina.


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