Filter media for gravity filtration applications

US Publication Number:  US 20150014240 A1

A gravity filter media fabricated from multiple spiral wound or pleated layers, where different layers are designed for specific contaminant removal process and the layers are combined into a single pack for ease of use. The layers or fiber sheets are chemically treated for contaminant removal, with different layers having different chemical treatments, or the layers are immobilized with particles of various sizes for use as low contact-time adsorbents, with different layers having different immobilized particles, or the pore structure is varied from one fiber sheet to another—one being a tight pore structure, and the other being a more open pore structure, or any combination thereof. When using immobilized particles, the immobilized particles can be chemically treated for the specific removal of targeted contaminants, and multi-layered for custom designed removal of specific contaminants.

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