Reverse Flow Gravity Filter Cartridge

US Publication Number: WO 2016033596 A1

A carafe filter cartridge for reverse flow applications where the filter housing and filter media top end cap directs unfiltered fluid into the filter media annular cavity, through the filter media sidewalls. And the filter media bottom end cap prohibits egress, filter fluid from exiting through the filter media end or the annular cavity. Filtered fluid is instead directed out through apertures in the filter housing sidewall. The optimum ratio of annular cavity and/or top end cap orifice area to the respective perimeter is determined to remove the risk of detrimental fluid flow due to air bubble generation.


Method of making a filter media with an enriched binder (Continuation)

US Patent Number: US 9289702


Water filtration media having a charged material affixed directly to binder material used in the fabrication of the filter media. A microbiological interception enhancing agent is added to the binder directly. The media having a charged material and a microbiological interception enhancing agent both affixed directly on or in a binder material is then combined with core filter media and prepared as a filtration media. A filter is prepared from the treated filter media.


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